View Poll Results: Which do you hate doing more?

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  • Reformatting your computer

    26 74.29%
  • Reformatting your Treo

    6 17.14%
  • Neither, I wait till my computer and/or Treo dies a horrible death of data corruption and such ^_^

    3 8.57%
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    So yeah I was thinking about this question yesterday on the drive home from work, on the hwy. Thank goodness I didnt get into an accident.

    So yeah which do you hate doing more

    1. Reformatting your computer
    2. Reformatting your treo
    3. You've never done neither and wait till your computer or treo dies a horrible death of corruption and such LOL ^_^

    When I mean reformatting I mean, erasing all the data on the HD/Treo and then readding all the programs one by one (drivers and such) and then configuring them back to the way you wanted

    NOTE: System Restore, or data restore/Backup does not count as a reformat ^_^
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    Reformatting the computer, hands down!!!!!!!!!
    Or was that mittens down?

    I'm getting to old to live on the bleeding edge . . . .
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    I use Linux-no need to reformat the HD.
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    The computer takes longer
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    Quote Originally Posted by zvandiver
    I use Linux-no need to reformat the HD.
    Three years with this Mac, three versions of the OS, no reformat, and the darn thing seems faster now than it has ever been. C'mon Apple, what's a self-respecting geek supposed to do of an evening? There aren't even any viruses and spyware to play with!

    I guess I have to vote for the Treo too
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    Oh ya... back to the early 80's.

    10 meg hard drive, top of the line, leading edge.

    Low level formats, fdisk, partitions, installing a second 10 meg hard drive for a total of 20 megs... lots of wow factor for it's day.

    Can't forget the leading edge 300 baud modem. We were using an early email system called ENVOY. Anyone else ever used it?

    What about Wordstar dot commands
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    The PC of course, I Like My Treo so much, I do it with Joy!
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    The PC takes hours if not days to get back to where it is now. Treo is back in an hour.
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    Treo is my computer. The only one I can't do without.
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    i find it more annoying to redo my treo...ive crashed my computer so many times that i can do it, in i think 3 - 4 hours (tops)
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    The computer is the worst.. The treo Is not that bad but can also get to you after awhile..
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    Since XP was released I have never reformatted my PC, so I would have to say Treo (which I have only did once)!

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