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    I have a few quick questions that I am sure most people are going to laugh at me for asking, due to the fact that they are so simple and brainless, but I am just starting out here and am confused about a couple of things...

    Regarding synchronizing my Treo 650 with Microsoft Outlook 2003, I've noticed that the basic OS functionality of the Palm device prohibits there from being more than a total of 15 categories on the Treo for grouping and sorting contacts, calendar entries, memos, and tasks...I wanted to know if this means that I can only have a total of 15 categories to use between all of the various P.I.M parts (address, calendar, etc...), or does it mean that I can have 15 categories in my calendar appplication, and an entirely different set of 15 categories for use with my address, etc...???

    Also, I have noticed that in my folder list there appears a 'PocketMirror' folder, which contains an 'Archives' and a 'Conflicts' subfolder...and then within each of those folders exists one folder for each of the four primary elements of outlook (i.e. contacts, calendar, etc)...I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that these folders are only ever used to store items which were in conflict, and/or items that have been set to be archived...speaking of which, where are these archive settings configure...I know I have AutoArchiving in Outlook disabled...does that mean nothing will ever go into the archive folder in the PocketMirror folder, or is there some other (perhaps Treo based) auto archiving settings...?

    Final question is regarding a single folder that appears in my folder list called 'Handheld Synchronization' there is a single note file with the username that I have setup on my this just a settings file for identification purposes that the palm pilot will use, but that I will never have to deal with or worry about?

    Again, I apologize for my ignorance regarding these issue, but I guess we all gotta start somewhere, and I would sincerly appreciate any help anyone can provide regarding these questions...Thanks!
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    I hardly use any categories in Outlook at my workplace.. so I cannot answer your first Q. Chapura (who write Pocketmirror bundled with earlier Palm devices) has been using better category support as a selling point for a long time. Check them out at

    The Conflicts folder is used for the purpose you describe.
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