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    I'm trying to sync up my Treo 650 with Outlook on my colleagues PC to get all her contacts. However, neither one of us wants my calender to sync with hers. She does use the calender function in Outlook so I don't want her calender to become contaminated with my data. In addition, she does not want to receive the Contacts I already have in my Treo. The good thing is she doesn't have any contacts in Outlook so there will be no data contamination. So..

    (1) How do you turn off the Palm calendar so it won't sync with the Outlook calender or vice versa?

    (2) How do you delete all the Contact entries in Outlook or turn off the Palm Contacts so it won't sync with the Outlook Contacts or vice versa?

    Please tell me there's a way to do this...

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    right click on the hotsync icon in your task bar and select custom that might answer some of your questions. Should be fairly self explanatory from there.

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