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    Fairly new to 650 (verizon) and I'm still loading lots of stuff...

    two questions:

    1- Can Multi Mail (the Verizon email???) just be deleted along with it's db etc?

    2- Is there a list somewhere that helps identify some of these arcane files???
    ---P4messages? SS_P2? psysLaunchDB? elvis_enus_nl? 08saves? PPurplugin? LMreg? hassnd_sdplib?

    There's a lot more (this is just what is on the internal <g>... I like to load and delete stuff and I'm always tinkering (duh).


    Tom O'Connell
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    Check out "Uninstall" and "Cleanup" at Also download the signature file that has the latest list. I'm in the trial mode, but am thinking of purchasing this S/W as it is very useful
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    Thanks. I read about these apps but unfortunately that was after I'd installed about 40 apps already. I actually loaded the clean-card software but it was pretty tough to tell what I could safely delete and what was essential.

    I'll try the signature file.



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