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    Sorry to cross post but got 25 readers and no response in general software cateory...

    I'm trying to find a way to search for contacts the way the old palm contact manager searched... BY LAST NAME ONLY. when I search with 650 Contacts, I get results for first or last names with the letters I'm looking for.

    Is there a way to reset this?


    Tom O'Connell
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    Can't be done. You also can't search for company names.
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    Hang on a sec... There is an area of confusion with the new Contacts in the 650. The listing sort orders (how they are ordered when you simply open contacts) are now Company+Lastname or First name+Last name.

    But the quick search feature is unchanged from Treo 600. Your options for searching by typing letters are identical - start typing the following sequences to search for a contact:
    First name - any number of letters
    Last name - any number of letters
    First letter of first name and any number of last name letters
    If no last or first name is specified, then you can type the company name.
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    Sorry! You're right!
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    Thanks all... guess I should look at an alternate contact manager...I'm moving from Palm 4.1 in a Kyocera where it worked like the old palm and I just can't get used to this "search" that shows so many results.



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