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    I sent out Email's to ALL the local new staions, asking if they would come out with a mobile Ver. of their web site, and I got this from Ch 7 news in the SF bay area close to where I live

    We're getting ready to launch our wireless site so people can read out news on their phones or other PDA's. The address will be:

    We'll be launched within a week.

    UPDATE: I just checked the link for the hell of it and it's now up!
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    Cool... I wish SFgate would do it and not some paid Desktop Sync service... although with a fast connection sfgate works ok on the full site.
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    That's pretty neat that they're thinking about us people
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    Now I tested the page........ it's not up to par yet because when you click on a news story, A blank page comes up sometimes, so it's not up ALL the way yet, BUT you get :

    1. News
    2. Weather
    3. Sports
    4. Finance
    5. Movies

    Now I noticed that you can select your LOCAL news staions by going to the bottom and clicking on change city

    or you can just goto this link:

    and enter your zip code or click on your state to find your local news
    For Calif they list:
    1. Fresno
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Sacramento
    4. San Diego
    5. San Francisco

    see if they have your city news on there..... at least you can get your local news as well as the other news

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