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    I recently picked up the Tre 650, Motorola Bluetooth Headpiece and a 1 Gig memory Stick for the Treo. I have had a few Palms in the Past and Never seemed to have the Problem I'm having now with Hot syncing.

    Here is my question, why is it that every time I hot sync my treo 650 (via bluetooth), it reinstalls all my applications such as Causerie (IM Program), Versamail Account emails get wiped Out etc. Everytime after the very Long Hot sync process it tells me to tap the button to reset the Palm.

    Is there a way to Disable reinstalling all my applications every time I do a Hot Sync?

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    Your Backup (or System) conduit is incorrectly set. Right click the HotSync Manager icon in your program tray, select Custom and change the Default action of the Backup (or System) conduit to "Handheld overwrites desktop".

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