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    Now that yahoo is going PUSH and Microsoft too. Can we get a PUSH application for this matter?

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    Ah crap...My P and U buttons are stuck...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    Now that yahoo is going PUSH and Microsoft too. Can we get a PUSH application for this matter?

    I bet you won't get a guy to admit they use a "pull" application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawilson2
    I bet you won't get a guy to admit they use a "pull" application.
    i love to race, so i shift my gears quite often thankyou very much
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    Also guilty. If I know I'll be there for a while, the Treo goes with me even though I have some amount of fear about dropping it on the tile floor. Bejeweled stats have 4 hrs 8 min logged, and Texas Hold 'Em gets a fair amount of play too.
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    A game of Marbles Squared is just perfectly timed for this activity. Not those marbles you pervert
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    I'm guilty, too. It's less conspicuous than carrying a newspaper.
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    Man this is one of the funniest posts that I have ever read...darn near fell off the pot laughing so hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by momboking
    i conduct all my business from the bowl on my treo,is there something wrong with me? do i need a prozac the size of a grapefruit? anyone else have this problem

    Just make sure you don't take a pic there after you 'drop off the kids'!!
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    You know it is bad when using the 650 in the bathroom and the thing does a soft reset. Your concentration is ruined and you just can't finish your business until you resume to the last application being used prior to the reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frenzytom
    I found how extremely useful it was to use the one-hand operation when using the urinal.
    I suppose both camera and video app is one-hand operated. Pls make sure you password protect the pics and videos you record while urinating
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    What's the alternative? You could take the newspaper in there and get all that black ink on your hands and on your ?? Even worst you could pick up the sports section that the last person left who has already got black ink on their ?? No thanks!

    I read the news from AvantGo and QuickNews. I would say everyday or even every week but I do sometimes.

    I normally hold it all day and then have to run to the bathroom before I get on the road; which typically results in me being late to the next destination or stuck in traffic because I got a later start.

    I might check the email that has been pulled down every hour on the hour; while I got a second (since I don't have to wait for the internet connection and the mail pull at that point). I can just read real quick but most the time I would just delete the junk and read the real messages later.
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    Medeival Heroes II! (Can't put it down when I'm poised on the brink of greatness!)

    So, are we all guys responding here, or are any Treo Ladies willing to admit this (apparently common) practice??
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    Marbles is the all-time favorite when dropping the kids off at the pool.
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    There's nothing better than sitting on the throne and playing Tecmo Super Bowl with '04 rosters. LOL.
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    this topic that i started about the bowl ,was actually my first post on this sight, and after reading all the replies. i started to get misty eyed thanks for all your support.......................
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbd26
    Medeival Heroes II! (
    So, are we all guys responding here, or are any Treo Ladies willing to admit this (apparently common) practice??

    It's easier to pull the Treo out of your pocket or belt clip than out of a purse, I guess.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    For all you developers out there, is there an app that can detect the ambient smell in an area? If so, can it also dim the backlight and keyboard (so it doesn't bother the stall next to you). It does all of this when it detects unfavoriteable smells and finally when it hears a loud flushing sound (similar to a voicelauncher), it plays the National Anthem, some Mozart or something to make your final exit. Any takers?
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    I stopped this practice when I noticed I was getting numbed-****-rings. They hurt once the circulation returns
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