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    I have a lot of music files on the card in my Treo and I want to listen to them while going jogging or running. Anyone have a good idea on a good system to strap the Treo to me so it doesn't bounce around too much? (And yes, duct tape is out of the question! )
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    I just carry it in my hand
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    That was my number one concern when I bought a case and I have looked at around 60 to 70 cases and have bought 14 total cases but only kept one and it is the best jogging case made---->click me
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    I was at Fry's Electronic Superstore and was checking out the IPOD neoprene looking case that had a strap that went over your arm that looks like it would fit the Treo.
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    Do people generally suggest exercising/running with the Treo strapped to the arm? That was / is one of my concerns, and I ended up 'just today' buying a flash based Mp3 player because I just didn't feel comfortable using the Treo that way. I mean, it's a great mp3 player, but I treat that thing with kid gloves, and historically I've always been 'very hard' on my electronics such as walkmans, portable dvd's etc so much that I've gone thru one a year since the mid 80's. lol.

    Im curious how many people do use their Treo for exercising or hard use. Seems on the delicate side. I do have insurance for it, but I wonder if it's covered by insurance if you drop it or fall during exercise and damage it.
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    The only time I ever droped my walkman, cd player , mini disk etc while jogging was because the headphone cord got caught on my arm and ripped it from my hand. I like using the internal speaker so the cord is not an issue. There is also less shock to the unit when it is in the hand instead of bouncing all over the place. All a matter of personal preference. Insurance is key. Didn't have it on all the other portable devices I have destroyed. The $4 a month I pay to SPRINT is well worth it.

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