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    Had promised myself that the first thing I'd do when the 650 arrived would be to thank all y'all. Well, it's arrived.

    Your posts have been a great help in coming to many of the decisions made, regarding the recent purchase(s). Those, along with reviews and other info have helped to make the process an enjoyable one. An informed one, also.

    So, without taking up too much more space, or time: Thanks to You All!

    Also, have a good friend, who has a Treo 600 and has had some problems with it. Told him about this forum. Think he'll be OK, now. (He's a reader, too, y'know.)
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    Welcome to the 650 family and you're welcome!
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Damnit! ANOTHER person with a 650 with less scratches than mine! Guess my "ringmail" T650 carry case wasn't such a good idea! LOL!! Congrats and enjoy friend!!
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    This forum was just as much help for me as it was for you, and I made the same purchase a couple of months ago. This place was so informative, it scared me a bit, at times. I'll always spend time here, as long as I own a Palm device
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    Welcome and enjoy your new Treo!

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    Welcome to the forums, & congrats on your purchase!!!
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