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    I recently upgraded from my old 600 to the new 650 after the 600 began dropping calls and showing some much expected wear and tear. I am having problems with the 650 now and need some help. It is only hit and miss that I receive my e-mails and when I do they are going to the trash box and show as unread. I have always received my e-mail to my office PC, Home PC and to my Treo without difficult. The auto sync also fails each time it checks for new mail. I have verified that the POP accounts are set up the same as it was in the 600. Is there something different about the 650's mail settings that I need to know about? Lee Ann
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    Are you using versamail? If you are then keep in mind some (ok maybe a lot?) of users have complained about it and have went so something else.

    Do a search on 'versamail problems' and see what comes up.

    Why are you using pop mail anyway? Its not very efficient. Think about forwarding them to a free fastmail acct and then using Chatter to read your email. Works like a dream and it gives you 10 times more options.
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    I did not know anything about using "chatter". The mail I am wanting to receive is from my work. We have our own domian and then a 3rd party acts as our server. How can I get around that?
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    My SprintTreo 650 VersaMail works fine, except for the "will not delete off the server" issue some of us POP3 server people are having. (Comcast as an ISP is one.)

    Anyway, how did you "upgrade" from your 600? Straight sync to your old user id? If so, you could have old Treo 600 settings messing with your 650. You need to do a clean install on the 650 and migrate stuff over. PalmOne has a how to page on their Web site under support.

    Otherwise, I am stumped. I set up my VersaMail accounts on my Treo 650 with the same info (servers, passwords and such) that I had on my Tungsten T3 paired w/ a bluetooth phone and emails come directly into my Treo 650 VersaMail inbox as unread. I occassionally have had the auto-sync fail to accomplish a "get" -- but if I manually ask -- I have never had a failure.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Perry.
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