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    I use about 12% of my batt life each day ... just normal phone use (calls kept under 1 min each time), some SMS use and some apps use.

    What's everyone else's battery Life % drainage on an average day?
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    30 to 35%

    Phone, PDA and Spreadsheet, Versamail (manual pull only), w/ some songs & Handmark Express usage.

    However, I am using TreoGuard to keep the screen off during phone calls and the radio off at night and I use Twilight to keep the backlights on the keyboard off during the day.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    40+ Easily ... BT Dun, Syncing, Audio Streaming, Calls (When I have signal at home), a few other apps.
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    40-60% depending on phone usage.
    I use GoodLink, however, so I'm sure that takes a toll.
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    It's 12:30pm, I've had my T650 on since 830am.

    Have Chatter (SSL IMAP) and Verichat (data always on) on and had a short phone call. Email is heavily used btw.

    I use Treoguard and Twilight to manage my LCD and KB usage.

    So far, used 22%.
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    15% with phone on. If I go on a trip and use it to play music, probably 40-60%. If I turn the screen to dim and use it to get online, it practically use 5% every hour. I got the car charger and I have used it only once.
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    I use about 80-90% of the battery each day.

    No voice, all data, medium use.

    A charge a day...
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    I would think it would be helpful for folks to include the model (600/650) and provider (or at least GSM/CDMA).
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    T600 GSM ATT now Cingular, PalmOne branded uses 10-15% max a day. I charge whenever I can thruout the day (car, home). Basic PDA usage, some PTunes, some gaming and 30 mins./day avg phone.
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    jesus .... I thought 15% was bad :P

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