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    here's a quote from an artical on
    The gleaming Ferrari 360 Spider, a red soft top, sits on the wide brick driveway, flanked by a black Hummer H2 and a pair of Cadillac Escalades. Palm trees, ruffled by a steady breeze off the water, frame the opulent Key Biscayne home.

    Inside, Drew Rosenhaus, wielding a pair of black and chrome Treo 650s high-tech phones combining e-mail access, a digital camera and MP3 player is handling two calls at the same time.

    "Yeah, buddy, let me get right back to you," the NFL's most powerful agent said, rolling his eyes and switching to the other phone. "Sure, man, we'll do it next weekend in Atlanta. Yeah, I'll be there."

    He signs off and looks up from his cluttered mahogany desk.

    "T.O." he said simply.
    Though that was cool as I read it on my bus ride home...

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    yea rosenhous is on the sportsnation chat thing now....this guy is garbage. needs to step down as TOs agent so he can get back in camp.
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