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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned that there has been a alledged sighting of an actual Cobalt-based device by Oswin Technologies.

    See: AllaboutPalm

    This device supposedly was demonstrated dual-booting between Windows Mobile and Cobalt.

    If this device actually makes it into production I will be first to admit that Cobalt is no longer vaporware.
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    miniSD card only. ;_;

    It's a very good smartphone, not much of a PDA phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    does anyone else have the app webcam on the treo 650 (it there in the picture)
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    It doesn't work on the Treo 650. So I don't see the point of showing this app on the Treo 650. So far there is only version 1.0.

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    Whoever took the pic was just a person with a 650 at the conference.

    That person could be...

    a developer/tester of webcam with a test 650 version
    some sap that installed it after having it on his/her 600 and doesn't know it doesn't work
    some sap that installed it on the 650 and """""""""
    on and on and on

    just because its icon is on the apps screen doesn't mean much for my 2 cents

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