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    I just purchased a treo 650. i signed up for the pay as you go data package, i really want to use it as a phone and pda. is there anything i need to do to or disable. or as long as i dont click on the "Web" icon, i wont incur any charges....

    thanks for your help.....
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    What kind of email program are you using (if any)?
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    i dont think i am using any email program. i didnt sign up for anything. and i am not planning on checking email on my treo
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    Another thing you might do is make sure that you don't have anything saved under Preferences-->Network. I think, at least on Sprint phones, that you must have a username/password saved for it to connect on your data plan.

    Maybe someone else can verify that.
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    Just assign the web icon to another category. You wont see it on the screen and you wont accidentally click it.
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    basically though, as long as i dont hit the web icon, i am ok???
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    Basically you should be ok. Thats why I asked about the email dont want anything to turn on your connection to do something.
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    If you want to totally hide that icon get Obfuscate its free and works great to hide ROM apps like welcome, web, security ect. Its half way down the page. I love it.

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