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    Is it possible to use a sprint treo 650 to make my laptop have wireless internet. Im in college and this would be a huge help in class. My college does not offer wireless internet. (WHAT A SCAM) anyway does anyone know if this will work and what all i must have. Thanks BB

    Also were could i find HOT SYNC program for my pc i lost my cd that came with my treo 650 when i moved into college
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    I'm pretty sure PDANet works with Sprint. I use it for Cingular on my unlimited data plan. Check it out.
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    I use PDAnet w/my Sprint Treo 650. It performs flawlessly.

    There is also the DUN hack. If your laptop is bluetooth enabled, this is the best option, as it's FREE. If not bluetooth enabled or you don't have a USB bluetooth adapter, then PDAnet is your best option. Do a search for "DUN hack" and you'll find the instructions on how to set this up.
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