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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman
    Oh Puhleeze...
    It would only be collusion if Treocentral got together with ALL the other businesses that carry Treo's and fix the price.

    Sprint has a policy that applies to ALL existing customers regardless of where they buy their phone. That's not collusion it's smart business.
    Sprint gives discounted prices only to resellers who agree to exclude current customers. Microsoft had a similar practice where they gave discounted prices only to resellers who would bundle IE as their PC's only browser. It is illegal and the DOJ pursued it as so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman
    If you hate Sprint so bad LEAVE. ... THAT is FRAUD... plain and simple!!!
    I never said I hated Sprint in that post. And if I followed your logic, getting rid of something over anything I dislike about it, I'd have no OS on my PC, no Treo, no girlfriend and no job. You think in absolutes too much. I also never said it wasn't fraud. Just that Sprint's is bigger. Seems you like to put words in a person's mouth.
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    No Sprint offers rebates only to new customers, it doesn't offer discounted prices. Exixting customers DON'T qualify... that is not anti-trust.

    As to my "narrow" view. If calling breaking a device purposleyso you can get an upgrade fraud then I guess you're right.

    I used the lawyer because YOU cited anti-trust litigation.
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    Whatever... back to the topic....

    I was thinking of just activating a new line of service with Sprint. New phone number and all. I would think that I'd be able to get the $289 deal from Treocentral or Then when I get my new 650, I'd just cancel the phone number on the 600. The only inconvenience would be that I'd have a new phone number. Has anyone tried this?
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    some guys are chiselers/thieves-this guy seems to be one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfscars48
    some guys are chiselers/thieves-this guy seems to be one.
    I would hope that you are not referring to me. What I'm proposing is not much different than cancelling my service and then signing up with Sprint again the following month. Either way the downside is that I'd also pay a new activation fee.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    I was thinking about this a couple months ago when I was actually interested in getting the 650. I wonder if it's possible for a current customer to buy the phone at the rebated price, activate a new line of service, but have the new line on an old phone and not the 650. That way you could have the 650 on the old line and the new number can be on some arbtirary phone. I don't know if this is within the contract's fine print or not, though.

    I would assume Sprint is more concerned with increasing the number of active lines/customers it has rather than what number is activated on which phone. You may want to ask them. After reading the negative reviews of the Bluetooth features (which would be the only reason I'd get the 650) I quickly changed my mind. I was quite surprised to find out my 600 with the A210 adapter has more BT features than the 650!
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    That's the crappy thing to me about the whole deal. You would hope that Sprint wouldn't put a loyal customer in this position. You would think they would say, "Okay, your contract is up. Let's sign you up for a new one and give you the same deal other new customers are getting or maybe even a better one for sticking with us. We appreciate your business." But nope. They don't and I am now looking at switching to another company instead of having to lower myself to having to haggle with a company I've been with for almost two years to do me the favor of giving them more money.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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