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    I've got a Treo 650 with a 128M SD card, and using Docs to Go.
    That being said, whenever I press the black function key and shift
    for accessing the search function, it looks for awhile and locks up,
    requiring a reset. I figured it was looking through one of the large
    files I keep on the Treo -- about 10,000 lines. But it worked fine
    for awhile. And then I even removed that file. Still no luck.

    Any ideas? Am I encountering some odd file that causes problems
    that I could remove (like that large text file I mentioned, but since
    removed). Is there a way to look through all the files and see what
    Search/Find is getting stuck on?

    I'm running OSX 10.4 Tiger, so I have access to the Unix terminal
    for looking through all the files under 'Palm'.



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    Is there a way to cause the built-in Search/Find to skip
    some files or filetypes, or cause it to search them in a
    particular order (by type)?

    Or maybe there's a search utility that I can force to look
    only through particular files?

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    Are you using towncompass dataviewer?

    Some thing has a bug. The only way to find that kind of bug is to drag the contents of the backup folder to a new folder on the desktop. Then readd and app, sync, search, readd an app, sync search untill you get the reset. That will tell you which app dosent like the search function. This is the best way to do it.

    If you need a more detailed explanation let me know.
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    I had this a while ago on my Treo 600. It turned out to be a conflict btw the search in Treo and Docs to go. Do you have that installed on yours ? What I did was remove Docs to go, then reinstall. It seemed to work fine again after that.
    Hope this helps

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    Search on the Palm OS is interesting. What the Palm software does is notify each and every application of the search event. How the application resonds, and what it information it responds with, is up to the app.

    Unfortunately, some poorly written palm apps do not respond correctly, and cause resets or lockups.

    You might be interested in an app called FindHack. It lets you deselect apps, so that they are not notified of the search event. That way you can exclude apps that you have determined to cause problems, and also speed up searches by excluding apps that don't have searchable databases anyway.
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