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  • Yes. I've read it completely.

    61 46.92%
  • No. I've never opened the cover.

    19 14.62%
  • I've read parts of it for information that pertained to me.

    50 38.46%
  • It's too technical. I can't understand it.

    0 0%
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    Just wondering how many users have actually read the owners manual. If not, I'm curious as to why you haven't.

    Online guide available at:
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    I downloaded and read the manual before I ever got the 650!
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    same here..I know...dorkissimo
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    Hell, I'm on Sprint but have even downloaded the Cingular manual! Uber Dorkissimo! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I've read it for a few specific things that I need (before posting to the boards and looking like a tool, for instance), but for the most part, I fly by the seat of my pants.
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    I have not actually read the manuel but i do use it as a reference tool if there is something that i can't figure out instead of just making threads and getting blown out by dutch and insertion.. .. j/k .. or am I .lol..
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    I've had my 650 for 9 whole days; may have glanced at the manual once. Came here for anything that I needed to know.
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    I have looked in the manual to look up 1 or 2 specific things. I also have never read any of the suggested threads or any other stickys. But I am not a power user, I dont do anything with email or the internet, I don't know what DUN is, or WiFi, and I have no need for bluetooth. My Treo is only for the phone and dictionaries, spell checker, encyclopedia, atlas, check book, documents, stuff like that.
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    I have read the entire manual... And the manuals for Word, Excel and FileMaker Pro... AND I always read the manuals Ikea furniture (and count the screws) before I assemble them...


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    I've just paroosed the manual for the parts concerning my needs...
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    Yes, front to back, I even have it on PDF file for my Adobe Palm App. in case I need it, while I travel.
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    Haven't even opened it. I don't need to, I've learned everything I need to know from reading this forum daily. If I have a question I do a search. That usually answers my question since every question has been asked and answered multiple times here on TC.
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    Have read it completely and I'm sure retained a good 15% of it maybe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    I downloaded and read the manual before I ever got the 650!
    me too.

    it was one of the first sources of info.
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    Yep - many times over. Only had this baby a week. I actually am one of the few who reads manuals before opening the rest of the box.
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    "I downloaded and read the manual before I ever got the 650!"

    I just got my 600 a few weeks ago, while I was waiting for it to arrive not only did I downloaded and read the manual but I also hit all the major Treo sites and even downloaded software to try out.

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    I also downloaded it before I had the device, but it was so long before I think i may need a refresher course. I keep coming across stuff I didnt know, maybe the manual will enlighten me!
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    I downloaded and read the manual before I ever got the 650!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WiggyFife
    I've just paroosed the manual for the parts concerning my needs...
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    Manual? Isn't that some spanish guy?
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