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    If so, how far down were you. I am going to Ensenada & then La Punta Banda. Anyone able to ise their Treo 650 Sprint PCS (or any carrier) as far down as above mentioned spots? Back when I had the Treo 300 when it first came out, my friends & took a trip to Rosarito. Well I was shocked to find I could use the dang thing for calls & data & it was NOT roaming (Treo is one band digital only). I was on Sprint PCS network still!! I got back home & checked bill to make sure... yep, no roaming charges. So the towers from San Diego reach that far?! I hope I can use it in Ensenada & below. Nothing like lying under the stars overlooking the ocean from a cliff in Baja, Mexico whilst IMing my jealous friends back in Hell-"A"...
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    I've been to Tijuana and everything worked fine in most places on my old 600. I don't know exactly where the spots are you're talking about, but if they're much farther south, I wouldn't expect to get any coverage. In some areas my phone was hurting for signal. I'm not quite sure I used any data while down there, but Sprint doesn't have many places where they only have voice service.
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    I went to Rosarito last year (June) with my 600 and both voice and data worked very well. Ensenada might be too far. But you never know.
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