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    I switched to a Treo 650 this week from a Samsung i600 running Windows Mobile 2003. With my previous phone I used to sync with Outlook on my home and work pc's keeping both up-to-date and when I got the Treo I was able to do the same via the cable. Yesterday my company put Goodlink on my phone and now that whole paradigm is gone. My home PC's Outlook is now useless because any entries I make there will be out of sync with my phone and work. Does anyone know a way around this? Perhaps some way to sync Versamail calendar and contacts to Goodlink?

    Of course I still have to figure out why the installation of Goodlink killed my ability to HotSync with either of my computers, says USB device not recognized. Any help with that one would be much appreciated as well.

    While we're at it, anyone know how to enable Versamail inbox alerts? Goodlink seems to have preempted them.
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    I wish I could help, but I am no where close to as advanced as that. I would like to ask you a question...

    Do you HAVE to have a computer to own a Treo? I just bought mine and haven't performed a hotsync, because I don't have a PC. I wanted to know what to expect if I don't sync.
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    You would desperately need to purchase backup buddy to backup your all of your data onto an SD card, since you would not have a PC to back it up on.
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    you can still sync your palm contacts and calander via cable in both places as you were .... Goodlink doesn't completely disable the native Palm apps on the 650 as evidently it did on the 600 ......

    You could also sync your contacts from your work pc to Yahoo (or one of the many other sites out there that provide this service) and then sync from Yahoo to your home pc .....

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