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    What I was thinking is this... I have a dial-up account (a free one from my school) and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get internet access on my treo by dialing up with that account, and thereby not using Verizon's pay-as-you-go minutes???

    Does anyone know if a PPP program would do this or how it would work?
    This would be great if anyone knows how!
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    I used to dial-up using my treo 180. You can generally figure out a connection script to connect with as long as you know your username, pw, and number to dial-in to.

    Prefs > Network > New

    Choose Wireless Dial-up

    Enter Username, Password, and Phone # to Dial-In to.

    Choose Details...



    Now is where the fun begins. Using the menus, you'll create a script that flows something like this:

    Wait For Prompt: User ID
    Send User ID
    Send CR
    Wait For Prompt: Password
    Send Password
    Send CR

    Go back to the Network screen and try it. It'll fail at some point. [If not, wow!]

    After it fails go to Menu > Log

    You can hopefully figure out what it wanted. Often, that first Wait For Prompt is the key piece- basically making sure you're sending the correct info at the right time.

    Good luck!
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    Hi! Thanks for the info! Well, I tried following your steps, but since the phone is locked I couldn't add a new "dial-up" service, it would only let me add a "high speed wireless" connection. Hmm... I might try PDAnet or another program... Any ideas?

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