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    I find the following site great for looking at current cloud and rain patterns. It loads fast without additional clutter. Also time-lapse views of each which loads a little slower, but worth the delay. MAKE SURE TO VIEW IN "WIDE SCREEN MODE" (Menu - W).

    There are 6 maps, one for each section of the USA. (NE, SE, NC, SC, NW, SW). Link is for North Central region as I am from Michigan & want to Golf today with storms coming.

    Enjoy, Frank
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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    an amazing free weather site with full screen color radar and more, thumbs up from me
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    I cant get the tctimes page to work
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    On my T650, I just right arrow (nav button) tabbed to the link in optimized mode, hit center nav button, and it loaded fine for me.

    I found the link by going to base site:

    Maybe the site was down last nite. Keep us posted.
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    I have a 600. I just went to the above mentioned URL again and once again it says "the requested page cannot be displayed".. I went to the site on my PC and it's awesome. I really want to access it on my treo.
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    Just logged on with my bride of 42 years Treo 600 and it worked fine. She has it in bookmarks. Image is just not as crisp as the 650.

    Can you long onto the base site at: ? Double check you URL spelling. Hope you get it going.
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    re: This is exactly what I've been looking for. An animated hi-res sat and radar weather image. Perfect! is nice too but it's not animated. =( When we're at the lake on the weekends and a storm comes in everyone wants to know if it's going to 'blow over.'
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    In addition to rain & storm radar patterns, you are also only a click away from also seeing satellite cloud patterns in motion. Be your own weather man without the clutter of ads which means faster loads.

    Noobs, be sure to use "Menu" - "W" option for the large detailed images.

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