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    i am thinking of purchasing a treo 650. i have recently purchased the palm zire 72 and after two weeks it started buzzing incessantly. unfortunately i started reading some forums and realized that palm considered this a "normal occurence". i was able to get a replacement zire from palm and i have sold it on ebay to rid myself of it. i dont want to have to deal with it.

    so now, i am in the market for a new pda.

    does the treo have similar problems that seem to plaque the zire and tungstens with this annoying "screen whine".

    are there any other big drawbacks people are finding with the 650??

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi John! Several recent threads on should I or shouldn't I? (Read the other one that is a couple of hours old in this section.) I have had Palm PDAs for 9 years -- have never had a screen whine and my daughters each have a Zire 71.

    Treo 650? Best PDA/Phone experience you will ever have! (I'm biased.) PDA, Phone, Calculator, iPod, checkbook, spreadsheets, Web Browsing, mobile E-mail, camera, . . . . . . . .

    If I am awake and not in my swimming trunks -- it's on my hip.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    thanks. really my main question is if there is that screen whine with the treo. it was so annoying with my zire 72, i couldnt take it. and the customer service reps trying to tell me it was normal was really driving me crazy.
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    I've never heard any whine from my 650, screen or otherwise.

    The closest I've come is hearing my kid whine "why can't I have one...."
    Bob Meyer
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