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    Yep, I am fully aware of some of these problems as I have been lurking since last year. From what I gather most of the problems are from 3rd party apps. Somehow Treo 650 is very very sensitive to what apps we install. Some of them would trigger crazy things to happen. I will keep watching and researching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilshortybabe
    i wouldn't recommend it at this point because the treo a several problems with it and mine is currently rebooting constantly one after the other and it's really getting on my nerves. The sound quality isn't very good, along with the reception, and mine is still rebooting at this point. but aside from that it's a really good phone i think you should just wait till they come up with the upgrades!
    a really good phone sith bad sound and reception quality?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    a really good phone sith bad sound and reception quality?
    Exactly right. Speakerphone borders on usable SOMETIMES. Usually I end up using a headset. The kicker tho is the company PalmOne. There support has been abysmal. I'm trying now to get my treo swapped out (speakerphone, reboots/shuts of wireless when put on a table, random reboots, and WAY too many dropped calls), and due to a NEW policy (about a week old according to PalmOne) I have to go thru the carrier. Bad news as I'm a t-mobile customer, with an at&t unlocked phone. Palm gives me Cingular's number, cingular looks confused as to why I'm calling. Hasn't been much better in the past with other issues. I've been carrying a treo 600 for close to 2 years now (I guess??), and a treo 300 before. My first 600 was on sprint for about a year and a half (I got it within weeks of it's launch on Sprint) and now 6 months w/ my new GSM 600. The CDMA model seems to have been superior (stability/quality/audio perspective). For these reasons, I'm highly skeptical about moving to a 650 even though I waited so for its release. I'd think twice.

    btw, I have no experience with ppc, but I've found myself considering the HP 6315 from t-mobile. It's a sad day when I'm considering jumping to ppc.

    Hope this helps. I know it sounds rather negative, but I've not felt rather positive about PalmOne for quite a while. The Treo is a great device who's shortcomings are small but many. Taken together, they can be a VERY large snowball. Combined with a company who has not put it's users first for quite a while..... I'd would reconsider getting involved at this point. PalmOne has a LOT to prove to me before I relinquish ANY money to them ever again.

    Just my 2c.

    [soapbox breaks, loudmouth falls off....]

    Progress -> Palm Pilot -> Palm III -> IIIxe -> Palm V (briefly) -> IIIxe -> Treo 300(Sprint) -> I300 -> Treo 300 -> I330 ->Treo 600 -> I500 -> Treo 600 ->Treo 600 GSM (ATT unlocked on Cingular for two weeks, then T-Mobile [much better provider] )
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