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    I just got my new treo 650 today...(never had one before)

    I accidently pressed for german instead of english in the initial set-up, and now it's stuck...

    The only way i've read in the manual of reverting it, is a full hardware reset...

    I've tryed this to no effect...

    any suggestions???

    or can anyone take me step by step through how to change I don't speak any

    I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by this...i'dbe grateful for any help...

    cheers, jamie.
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    Solution ID: 574
    Changing the language on your device

    Some palmOne handhelds include multiple language support. In addition, we may offer some releases of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager in different languages.

    What to do:

    Check if your handheld supports multiple languates. Your product manual may contain information about changing languages. If it does not, you may wish to find out if your handheld supports multiple languages by performing a hard reset (be aware that you will erase all data from your device when you do a hard reset). On the startup screen after the hard reset, you may be asked to select a language. If you asked which language you want to use, select a language and install a localized Palm Desktop (below). If you're not asked, your device does not support multiple languages.

    Palm Desktop must be in the same language as your handheld. Visit our international landing page to find the local website from which you can download Palm Desktop in the correct language. If the handheld and Palm Desktop languages do not match, you may have trouble synchronizing.

    Not an answer, but at least a reference. .. .

    Is just your Treo In German, or the Palm Desktop, or both?

    If Desktop, or both -- do the hard reset on the Treo -- but how to get the Desktop clean???

    Full uninstall the Palm software and delete the Palm directory on the PC and then re-install?

    If you have had no Treo or Palm PDA before -- then you have nothing to worry about, as far as, saving prior data.

    Call Palm one support. First 90 days is free, I believe. They will get a chuckle out of this one. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    It came up when i first powered it, saying choose from these languages...(and there were 5/6 lanuages)..i accidently hit everything is in german...:S

    I tryed this hard reset, but there doesn't appear to be a reset button, not that I can see...

    I'll just have to take it into my local orange shop and see what they say...

    How very annoying...

    Your all telling me to change this, and download this...all i did was select the wrong language by mistake??? if that isn't irreversible in a simple fashion...then this device is a heap of you know what...all other phones have a simple language selection function...why not this one???
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    Hard Reset: Take the battery cover off and have your stylus ready:

    1. Hold down the power key (red phone)
    2. while holding down the power key -- reset the phone by inserting the stylus in the reset hole.
    3. release, both

    Should get a screen that asks you if you want to erase all data.

    Say yes -- you should be back to an out of box condition.
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    OMG!! thankyou...

    Fixed it...!!!

    I didn't realise you had to slip the stylus into that tinyhole, i thought there was an actual button to hold down...

    Thanks very much for your help...

    You have no idea how much time and money that has saved me...cheers guys.
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    Perry your the man
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    Thanks!! James.

    JAMIE: Great, glad it worked !!
    Remember: A Hard reset ERASES ALL DATA on the Treo !! So you are as only as good as your last Hot Sync to your PC after you do one of them.

    SOFT RESET: If your Treo gets "stuck" doing something - a soft reset tells it to stop trying to do that and reset itself. No data is lost.
    A soft reset is preformed by just sticking the stylus in the reset hole. (DO NOT hold the power button.)

    If you get an "Erase all Data" question -- you have initiated a hard reset and should say NO, if your intention was a soft reset.

    Have fun!! We love our Treos !!

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