I have a new Treo 650 from Cingular. I am using it with my PB G4, and MAC OS x Tiger. I have the sync thing down, contacts and iCal are both working fine. I am having two problems as follows;

1. I can't get my Versa Mail to work properly. I have it set up and can send mail through my IMAP accounts from te 650 and can even see a list of folders. But I can't see any of the mail that is in the folders on the serves. Not even new mail. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have any suggestions?

2. With my old cell (Sony E T637) I could use address book to answer calls and send text messages by clicking the blue tooth icon at the top of the address book. Now with 650 it doesn't work. This is not a "must have" feature but nice for those of us who send a couple thousand text messages per month. Any suggestions?