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    Got my Treo today, had a friend online chat me through things. Got Eudora installed, but... whenever I go to check email, the entire system reboots with the Palm Screen, etc., I go back in, Eudora is still there and setup fine, just rebooting whenever I check the email. Ideas?


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    Mediasi, before all of the flames start (hopefully not), let me say that the search tool in this forum is a newbie's best friend.

    IMO, Your problem is most likely any software that you have loaded on your new Treo, but resets are a problem that have plagued some of the Treos. There are a number of options, including sending them back until you get one that operates to your satisfaction, or removing anything new that you have loaded, and putting them back one at a time until you have diagnosed the problem.

    Use the search tool and check all the forums regardin reseeting Treos, and you should have more than enough information to make an informed decision.

    Bottom line, it took me awhile to get my Treo 650 right where I want it, and I love having what I feel is the very best all-in-one device on the market!!!
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    It can be a bug in Eudora, I don't use it so I couldn't help you, sorry & good luck with your search.
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    Make sure you have it set up right. Uninstall it and reinstall. If that doesn't work, try something more stable for email...tons of options....snapper....chatter (my favorite).
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    I did a search for Eudora and did not find one thread related to it. Now as far as resets there are loads of threads about that but not one about Eudora in general which suprises me.

    Now doing a search for resets will not answer this question and since there has not been another post related to this topic perhaps someone might have the answer, is there a bug fix for Eudora or is this an isolated deal?
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    Actually, I DID search the forums before I posted. I always do. None of the threads were related to my specific problem, which did wind up being a Eudora problem and I had to do a hard reset.
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    Thanks, Kahuna. Palm actually helped me on the phone - and the person was aware of a Eudora issue like this happening before. Since I didn't have a ton of things setup, I did a hard reset.

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