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    Not sure what to make of this ...
    PalmOne to Pay $30M for Palm Brand Name

    Published: May 24, 2005

    Filed at 8:18 a.m. ET

    MILPITAS, Calif. (AP) -- Handheld computer maker palmOne Inc. said Tuesday it will pay $30 million to PalmSource Inc., the operating system licensing business it spun off in 2003, for full rights to the Palm brand name, and change its name to Palm Inc. later this year.

    Shares of palmOne rose 29 cents to $27.55 in premarket trading.

    Under terms of the agreement, palmOne said it will pay PalmSource over three and a half years for PalmSource's 55 percent share of the Palm Trademark Holding Co.

    PalmOne also said it granted PalmSource certain rights to Palm trademarks for PalmSource and its licensees over a four-year transition period.

    Separately, PalmSource said that palmOne will pay it minimum royalty payments of $148.5 million to renew its license of the Palm operating system. The royalty payments include $65 million for the years 2007 to 2009, subject to meeting certain development milestones.

    Under the new licensing agreement, palmOne can continue to develop and market smartphones and other mobile devices based on Palm's operating system through 2009. PalmOne uses the operating system in such mobile devices as its Treo-branded smartphones and Tungsten and Zire handheld computers.
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    This is very strange... is PalmSource going Bye Bye? maybe creating a new name for the linux based OS that is still to come? Or is this the begining of the end for the Palm OS?

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    This is damage control. The Palm OS has been tarnished. This is quite possibly more a move to protect the Palm image more than anything else. BUT, PalmOne has to put more distance between the two companies because they are on quite different paths now.

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