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    Hi there, sorry for this very basic question but I am new to the world of Treo.
    I just bought a 600 (650 too expensive yet) and I haven't received it, but I was wondering do I need a memory card reader for my PC to transfer files or is this somehow possible with hotsyncing? In other words can I transfer files to my memory card via the hotsyncing process (usb cable?).

    Thanks in advance and let me know if you have any recommended accessories I should get before it gets here!
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    Get a card reader for 10 bucks. It transfers files much faster than if you hotsynced.
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    But you don't HAVE to, you can transfer them via hot sync.
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    If you just want to move files to your card and don't have a card reader, use Palm File Browser - it's faster than Hotsync. Use Hotsync to sync your PIM apps and back up your Treo to the desktop, not to transfer large files.
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    I find the card reader method of transfer faster for many songs, but a hotsync does do all the links between your Palm and your desktop for calendar, contacts, memos, notes, and such and creates a backup on your computer.

    Don't leave home without that either.

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