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    Am giving my Treo 600 one last chance. If I can loan it to a techie who can program it to do what I'm paying for it to do, great. If not, I'll have to take it back to the store and get what I can for it.

    Problem is, PalmOne clearly didn't have writers in mind when they designed this device. I don't have time to deal with programming steps & downloads that turn out to be red herrings, I just want to start working on that novel. What I need is a Mac-compatible electronic notebook the size of a DVD case, where you just insert a memory stick in the side, flip it open, turn it on, and start typing. But I'm afraid this device hasn't been invented yet.
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    Why not get a 12 inch powerbook? It's slightly larger than what you're looking for, but it's the best computer in the world, IMO.
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    i think you may be looking for a device that doesnt really exist and really shouldnt, because the niche for such a product is so small and the treo fills in the gap of needing short text done nicely. If i understand your complaint and fill in a few blanks, you want something to fit into your pocket where you can quickly churn out lots of notes and ideas on?

    why not do some voice/sound recorder notes and then translate them to your home computer later? very quick to get down ideas and an added bonus is that later you get to decide if it is even worth the trouble of typing out.

    sounds like a pain, but typing out a whole page of ideas when you only use maybe 2-3 of them sounds like a much bigger pain to me.

    i do this all the time and i can guarantee it saves a hell of a lot of needless typing time.

    another thing to consider are the full size keyboards you can buy for treo 650's now (dont know if they work with a 600 though).
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    it would help if you told us what you were trying to do with the treo and where and how it failed those expectations. were you expecting to write a novel on the tiny keyboard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Why not get a 12 inch powerbook? It's slightly larger than what you're looking for, but it's the best computer in the world, IMO.
    I second this, only I'd spring for the 12" G4 Powerbook. Stylee aluminum case = major geek bling.

    I you use sleep (the default behavior) then you can open and close the computer and be working in seconds. Basically the instant-on you were describing. A bit bigger than your "DVD case" size request, but a far more usable keyboard than you could cram into such a device, and a selection of actual word processing apps, as opposed to portable device apps designed for SMS and quick email notes.

    Or, just say "screw it", and start using pen/pencil and a notebook. I've done most of my best writing using pennytech. Computers and gizmos usually just get in the way (and crash at the worst times, taking all of your great american novel with them...)

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