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    Quick question,,,,,I was wondering what appl. some of you use to track reminders. I can't seem to find any suitable category, (memos, calendar, tasks) to use for the many reminders that I have. These reminders arent really time sensitive so a calendar isn't really the answer.
    For instance, I ordered something on the internet, I want to document the details about it and refer to it later. (maybe memos???)
    Any thoughts. Thanks in advance
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    If you only want to use the included Treo apps, you can still use Calendar for this. Just go the day you want to use for the "event" as it will be called. It's the same as setting up a meeting. Go to desired date, click on Details, make sure No Time is displayed, then enter details regarding reminder, etc. You can also attach a note to the event. This sets the event up as a non-timed event.

    Hope this helps.
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    I document many things in contacts. For example, if I order something from Treo Central, I use the notes section for that contact entry to document the order # and other vitals. If I have a conversation I want to notate -- I do it the notes section for that contact with date, time, who I talked to, et cetera. That way, the notes for a specific contact stay in one place and can be referred to easily in the future. (And they do not disappear with some past calendar entry I cannot remember the date of . . . ) A chronology of conversations is created in this manner, as well. (You can look back and know that "I changed insurance coverage on the 2002 Mustang to xxxxx with Beth on 05/05/05 at 5:05 PM.)

    If you want to follow up on that note at a future date and time -- just make that reminder a calendar event or a to do event with alarm -- and you will then refer to the note in contacts for the information.

    I also use contacts to record things I want to remember and make entries like: Cemetery Safe, Keyless Entry for XXX, et cetera. . .

    Just my method -- maybe it will give you another idea. (You will find the note section icon for a contact under the edit tab of an existing contact.)

    Cheers, Perry
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    Perry, thanks for that usage tip. I like it and will take a little to get used to but, a good way to track info after talking to people.
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    I track things in the "to do" app and use a due date. Once completed if I still need the info for reference in the future I'll create an contact entry.

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