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    I'm a happy Verizon customer who's waiting to buy my Treo in store on the 23rd. I decided I was going to buy the Treo about 3 months ago but knew I wanted to stay with Verizon so fighting back with all my strength against the urge for such a great impulse-gotta -have-it-now buy, I convinced myself I would wait until VZN released their version. In the meantime I've stumbled upon this site, and a couple others. I become deeply engossed with my Treo; researching all its features, studying the different apps for work and entertainment, reading the different forums many times a day and just becoming obsessed . Yet I still don't own one! This thing is amazing! It's hooked me and I don't even own it yet.
    Well tonight I happened to call my Mom, we've spoken aboot the Treo as she was interested in one for work and to have when they visit their 2nd home in Fla. Since they don't have a land line due to only being there 6 weeks a year and thus don't have internet access she decided to jump in and get a Treo. Only she's a Cingular customer and picked hers up today. I have been counting the days for what seems like an eternity (is it monday yet?) and my mom who got the idea from me is using the Treo as we speak! Well being a great mom she insisted I stop by and check it out (actually, I invited myself right over). It seems like a great piece of equipment. She let me play with hers for a half hour. I feel much better now and hopefully the short Treo fix will get me through till Monday? Sorry about the length but I had to vent. OK,I feel better now.
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    I did the same thing, waiting far too impatiently for the Treo 600 without-camera to be released so I could finally have my toy AND take it to work

    I still show it off to everyone who shows even a glint of interest...
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    This is a cute story and i can relate to it. I wanted a Treo for a long time but just couldn't afford it. I am in college full time and work on weekends and some nights, so I had to wait and wait an wait until i finally saved enough money to buy a Treo 650 with Cingular. The thing is, my parents offered to pay but i was too proud to buy it on my own. So far the wait was worth it.
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    I recently got Verizon 650 - just spent 2 hours with Palm Tech support on hotsync ... lots of issuess - also if your a mac user the verizon e-mail software is not compadiable which is a drag. So far though the 650 has not frozen up like the 600 - enjoy it and have fun on the 23rd
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    I know the feeling. I started thinking Treo thoughts back with the old 300 I think, put it off, then looked at the 600. Almost decided to buy one, then saw that VZW would be offering the 650 so (comparatively) cheap. I walked into a Verizon store about 3 days ago and bought a 650 over the counter. They still don't have them on display, but this store had 3 in stock. They had to call to get permission to sell it to me, but I have been running it solid now without a single problem.
    I started using the Versa mail yesterday, and sync'd all my outlook yesterday. I used the phone non-stop for business the last 2 days.
    Just for fun I downloaded pocket tunes last night and it works perfectly.

    Also, added a 1 gb SD card for around $75.00 (on sale local).

    Fun, fun fun
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    Hey Justin V:

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    I was the first purchaser of the 650 at my local VZN store this morning and have been playing with it ever since. I downloaded Agendus Pro and Docs To Go thusfar. No problems yet. I'm just trying to figure out how to get all my ACT! contact info into Agendus (if possible). I'll be searching the forums this evening to find the info. Not getting to much done at work today...i can't put this thing down.... but there's always tomorrow. So far so problems. I love this thing!
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    Install this for Docs to Go:

    Does the Verizon come with the memory allocation issue fixed? Sprint users needed the 1.08 firmware upgrade. (Gives you about 30% more space than the original memory allocation method of the Treo 650.) Ask around. I'm a Sprint user so I am not sure what Verizon is releasing.

    Welcome and have fun!
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    Not sure about the memory question. How would I check that? By the way, I'm writing this on my Treo!
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    Deep down inside, we are all still kids that love toys. Just that now our toys costs $600.00.
    Make It Happen!!
    If you don't, who will?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin V
    Not sure about the memory question. How would I check that? By the way, I'm writing this on my Treo!

    Hi Justin! I do not see the memory "updater" in the download section of the Palm support site for Verizon -- so maybe the Verizon was produced w/ the fix in place. It was an allocation thing -- and it made the initial Treo 650's function as if they had 30% less memory than the equivilant memory Treo 600. Given the timing of the Verizon release - they may have the fix in place.

    Check w/ your Verizon store..

    Anyone know for sure??

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