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    I recently talked with a good friend of mine who has the new Blackberry and he was saying that he was going to email from this Blackberry to my Treo 650. He was saying something about that feature being included with his Blackberry. I just have one concern which leads to the question. I never received the email!!! Would i need to set up the Versamail account before being able to receive an email such as that? I was wondering because i just gave him my and i thought that would have done it but it didn't. What do i need to do???

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    If you haven't set up your E-mail account in VersaMail or whatever E-mail client you have set up on you Treo you can't receive E-mail. Simple as that.
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    There are several email applications floating around, you can search them. I use SnapperMail and it works well and it is easy to set up. I understand that ChatterEmail is very good too and functions like "pushmail" (similar the blackberry email functionality). You will need to set up your normal POP account as you would with your desktop (server name, smtp and so on).

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