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    Well, yesterday I walked into my Sprint store with my GF to look for a new phone. At this time, I had them test her current one (Sanyo 8200) because it kept turning off by itself. After he was done with that, I asked him to test my Treo 600 since recently my battery life has been about 1 day of life.

    He came back, filled out a slip for my GF's sanyo, and then asked for the cell number to my Treo. I told him, he looked up my info, then said "Okay, I'm going to order you a Treo 650." Wow, was I shocked ! Can't wait for the phone to come in so I can go pick it up !
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    If this happened the way you said YOU are a lucky guy indeed. BTW-what store was this at?
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    Wake Forest, NC
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    My original (Oct 2003) Sprint Treo 600 began to have camera problems. Brought it in and they ordered my a new Treo 600 (cost me $10 w/extended warranty).

    So you're a lucky duck for sure.
    Enjoy your 650
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    Yeah, I'm trying to read through the 650 info. Are there any known problems still with the 1.08 Sprint Update on the 650 ?
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    OK, While we're on the subject of "Awesom Upgrades". Until Mach, I had a Samsung I300 PDA phone. Lockline warranted it with a 600 (After my talking VERY nice to them). Then this was about to be upgraded to the 650 without camera as it didn't have a feature of the I300 (easily replaceable) removable battery. I then basically talked REALLY nice to get the camera (as this is not a feature of the I300) Showed him a pix, and Joey's website, said I NEED a camera (pleasee!!).

    I now have a Treo 650 with camera. My motto, "You get more with honey than vinegar"
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    Have you had any problems with it in general ? BTW: Cute Kid
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    Hey fl00d_pr0z...

    What a coincidence... i live in Wake Forest, NC as well!!! :-) Wow this is awesome. What a small world we live in.

    Oh and just to let it be known, i'm a proud owner of a Treo 650 also.
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    Wow, cool. How ya enjoying all the construction ? LoL
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    Guess what??? Treo 650 is less bugs than Treo 600. Guys, if you have Treo 650 you made the right choice!!!
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    Um, yeah....
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    Quote Originally Posted by fl00d_pr0z
    Have you had any problems with it in general ? BTW: Cute Kid
    No problems at all. I LOVE my treo. Now all I need is a Hybrid headset

    Thanks for the compliment on Joey III. I need to update to a more recent pix.

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