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    Contact allows "list by" (how lists are sorted) Business Name or by Last Name. When "Business Name" is selected, I expect from my many years of using Palm (since USR's Palm Pilot I), I expect to pencil in the business name and have the unit fast track/go to the line with the business entry. I have found that if I have a person listed for that business (such as John Smith of Walmart), the 650 will not allow a successful fast track by business name, rather only will fast track by the last name of the person listed on that business entry. In my example, penciling "walmart" finds nothing; but, penciling "Smith" finds the Walmart - Smith, John entry.

    Anyway around this?
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    I have encountered the same problem and I am dying for a fix!!!
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    It's really annoying. I posted a thread about this in March... One thing that I found out though when playing with the phone is that you can at least flip through the contacts page by page by pressing the special functions button and down on the 5-way navigator... Doesn't solve the problem though... I work as a PRPRPR $consultants$ $and$ $I$ $can$ $have$ $50$ $or$ $more$ $contacts$ $at$ $a$ $newspaper$. $Sometimes$ $I$ $just$ $want$ $to$ $browse$ $through$ $every$ $contact$ $at$ $the$ $paper$ $to$ $find$ $the$ $journalis$ $that$ $is$ $the$ $most$ $suitable$ $for$ $the$ $my$ $current$ &$quot$;$mission$&$quot$;. $Now$ $I$ $either$ $have$ $to$ $click$ $for$ $ever$ $or$ $go$ $into$ &$quot$;$find$&$quot$; $which$ $only$ $brings$ $up$ $5$ $contacts$ $at$ $the$ $paper$... $This$ $was$ $one$ $of$ $the$ $functions$ $I$ $used$ $most$ $with$ $my$ $old$ $T2$ $and$ $I$ $thought$ $it$ $was$ $really$ $basic$. $Obviously$ $not$.
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    It's third party software but TakePhone should really help with some of these issues. It just does so much. The search functionality in TakePhone is quite powerful, allowing you to search every field including the custom fields in your contacts. I know we shouldn't have to spend more money in order to get this functionality, but this is a good option if you want to solve these issues.
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    I've tried TakePhone, but the problem is that I don't want to search - I can do that in Contacts. I want to be able to input the first letters of a company name and be able to flip through them. I have several companies where I have contact info for 30-40 people or more.
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    Marianne, I'm trying to help so bear with me. In Takephone, you can set it up so that if you type out the name of a certain company, only the contacts that contain that specific company name will then be visible. You can then scroll through the list of names and pick the specific person that you want. You are saying that this is something different than what you are looking for?
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    No, thanks! This is exactly what I'm looking for!!

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