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    Hello Folks - I just bought a 3 week old Treo650, and their is an account installed on the device named " jacqulansmom". Anyway, i want to delete this user, preferrably without hard resetting the device. I open up the "palm desktop" software, click the "edit users" drop down box and delete the account, and include my own.

    I resync the device, but their the damn name is again. What am i doing wrong ?

    Would i be better off just hard resetting the thing ?
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    I will say hard reset and if there is anything that you want back just reinstall them since you said you did sync you should have a backup.. there probably is an easier way but I'm not sure.. hope this helps and enjoy your 650
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    You might try removing the backup folder (just move it to your desktop) before performing a hot sync (after having deleted the user). When you sync a new backup folder is created automatically. Once you've hotsync'd, check that you have a new backup folder and then delete the old one.
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    thanks fellas, i actually installed a small app called "change name" then went and manually deleted all the crap i didnt want.

    Awesome board...I hope to contribute.
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