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    just out or curiousity - what's the difference between a warm reset and a soft reset? - Thanks
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    With a warm reset you loose data and settings and a softreset just restarts the phone, I beleive.

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    warm reset resets the phone without any applications running in the background, which is usually done to delete an app that does run in the background that is causing a soft reset loop... somewhat similar to running windows in Safe mode
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    Scotty is right, but you can read more from PalmOnes KB.

    Soft Reset

    All devices

    A soft reset is similar to restarting a desktop computer. It's the most useful trick in your toolbox for fixing a variety of issues.

    Soft resets usually do not affect your personal data on your device, unless your battery is low. If see battery warnings, change or charge your batteries immediately even if there is an error message onscreen. Also, it's a good practice to perform a HotSync operation before any reset (assuming that synchronization is not the problem you are trying to fix).

    System (Warm) Reset

    All devices

    A system reset tells your device to stop what it's doing and start over again, bypassing any system extensions. This can help you with "boot loop" errors, allowing you to remove any recently installed third-party applications that might be causing the problem. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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