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    Correct, as usual, James.
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    James...I keep wondering why you are mentioning the manual when trying to bring us back on topic. I thought this was the "Taxi" thread...
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    Cr@p,,,, serves me right for having to many windows open at once. Now do I go back and delete the errors like a like a dork, or leave them like a dork. Anyway it goes I'm a _ _ _ _.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter
    Our testimonial is MIA, that will be a nickle

    Uhhh,,, just to keep on topic I had always planned to read the manual cover to cover when this semester ended

    EDIT: How many people will click the "perrysgottheanswers" link?

    one, at least, that I know of . . . . . . . LOL
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