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    Another discussion board mentioned that the Treo 600 can beam photos at the CVC drug store photo developer machine/computer. I tried and it works great. It appears one can only beam one photo at a time and once each selected and beamed photo appears on the monitor, the customer can edit each one, etc. and have them print them on glossy paper on the spot.

    My particular CVC store recently opened near me. The PC has a mouse-looking device that the phone is pointed to. There was Velcro on the side of the PC for the mouse-looking device but they just had it resting on top of the PC box behind the monitor.

    I imagine other phones with beam or blue tooth will work.

    The service person at first told me only "blue tooth" would work. Treo 600s do not have blue tooth but do "beam." Her machine onscreen instructions made it appear my device would not work. However, I asked her to let me try and it worked fine. As the photo "beams," the monitor shows a counter rolling fast as the jpeg uploads.

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    what your saying is correct, I am an assistant manager at CVS. I've been printing pics out this way since I got my treo. the yellow ''mouse'' is for IR, but the kodak machine also reads bluetooth. the lady may not have been trained fully, by any chance did that CVS used to be an Eckerd?

    btw the prints r only 29 cents
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    I always noticed the BT thingee but I would just pop out my SD card and upload the pics that way...maybe one day when I have time I'll try it!
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