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    Has anyone seen this yet? if not you can read it here:

    I was looking over news and seen this, and I was thinking, do you think this is adding to much tax to a your cell phone service or are you ok with this? I know citys are hard up with money prob's, no thanks to our Calif Gov........ but I wanted to know, would you mind paying 5% Tax on top of what your paying now for your cell phone service??
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    C'est la vie. (If I remember my high school French class well enough.)

    Do I like it? No. It seems like there are more taxes on a cell phone bill than anything else -- and we get to pay those taxes with dollars that have already been "income taxed" by sate, local and federal agencies!

    And on Family Plans, we get to pay the usage fees, again and again and . . .
    It may only be 9.99 to the carrier per line -- put it is near $20 per line net gain on the bill.

    Am I sounding negative today? I apologize. Taxes or not - I would not give up my Treo or my family's other cell phones.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    In my opinion its silly, all these nickle and dime taxes indicate an elected government that is afraid to do what they were elected to do. If you want to raise revenues, raise them using the main vehicles of taxation (property and/or income), and then face accountability at the ballot box. Don't try to hide behind by these other tax methods.

    Government in general is woefully inefficient in spending the money that we entrust to them. Accountability is a lot easier when its concentrated in a fewer number of areas.
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    It's a complete government scam.

    Cell phone bills have about 20%-30% taxes on top of them (plus or minus depending on your area).

    It's a total scam. You corrupt govt at work. It's a multi-billion dollar slush fund.

    Prepaid, which rolls taxes in, is actually cheaper for most people.
  5. #5's my take and nobody may like it, but oh well.

    Do I think it's right that Baltimore did this? Not necessarily. Do I understand WHY they did it...yes. Now, the fact that they just did it, would royally **** me off. However, if they have come forward to the people and said, "Look, here's the deal. We're really short on money this year, and if we don't do something we're gonna lose some security and safety on our streets. But if all of the cell phone users just gave $3.50 on their bill every month, we could keep that safety and security stable." Albeit, may they don't have good streets...I don't know, but if approached like that, I'd be alot more apt to say, "Yeah, let's do it for the sake of our city."

    It's called a Democracy because we the people should have a say in what goes on. It's acts of civil government like this that render those freedoms void and create a communist style government.
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    ...but why pick on cell phone users? If the taxes will benefit all then should all have to pay the extra tax?
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    Expect more and more of these kind of stealth taxes. Call them "fees," 'tolls," "service charges" or whatever you want, they're the wave of the future. The anti-tax zealots have put the fear of God in politicians, and almost none of them are willing to vote for new broad based taxes to fund the services that people demand.

    But the cost of these services keep going up, and people's demand for services, ditto.

    What's a poor politician to do? Raise taxes, get voted out of office. Don't provide services, get voted out of office. There are only two possible answers: 1: Be honest. Educate the public on where tax money goes, why taxes are necessary, and have the courage to levy necessary taxes or cut services. Or, 2: hide the tax increases in the fine print on people's phone bills, car repair bills, traffic tickets and so forth. Or call them user fees and tolls. Guess which option appeals to politicians?

    My lovely state of Virginia is a good example. Unwilling to raise taxes to pay for transportation, the State created an unelected board to take the blame. The board just voted to raise tolls by 50%, on the only local road that isn't free, to pay for an extension of the subway system. A toll is just another tax, but because it only effects a minority of state residents, there isn't a big enough ground swell to overturn it. On the other hand, instead of adding $250 a year to the tax bills of a few, a broad based tax to raise the same amount would probably only cost the average Virginian $10 a year.

    My local county just began charging a $50 fee for an ambulance ride. No different than a tax, except that most people won't see it directly (only in their insurance bills). And last year they added an "administrative" fee of $57 to all traffic tickets. Get a $15 ticket, and pay $72! That's quite a "fee."

    Checked the tax rates on hotel rooms lately? In most places they're in double digits. I've seen them over 20% in a few cities. But most people never notice, because they just pay the total on the bill. DC charges something like a 10% tax on vending machine purchases, and 15% (I think) on parking lot fees, but the buyer has no way to see those charges.

    Why do you think governments are so in love with red light cameras and radar speed cameras? Revenue that's not a "tax." What politican could turn that down?

    No one wants THEIR services to be cut. No one wants higher income or property taxes. The bill's got to be paid somehow.

    Baltimore added another fee to cell phone bills. How many people look at the fine print? Most counties and cities have taxes on cable TV bills. Look for those to go up, too. Along with landfill "fees," tire disposal "fees," title transfer "fees," charges for a car title and state auto inspections, and so on. Pretty soon you'll need a full time accountant to figure out how much taxes you really pay.
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    Why indeed. You see if municipal governments actually used their main taxation methods to raise revenues it would raise a larger media flag (City of..Taxes going up...Film at 11) rather than another "small" tax on all those afluent mobile phone users out there. Its kind of like all the taxes levied on visitors to a city from getting a room to renting a car. They get too high and there goes the convention business.

    Whats another few bucks a month right?

    County property taxes, municipal income taxes (amazingly many cities have this), business taxation it should stop somewhere.

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