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    Hello everyone,

    I have a T6 that is two weeks old. My son accidently tripped over the power cord while visiting my den. The phone was being recharged.

    The next morning i noticed a solid blue line across the base of the phone. The functions still work , howevr the 1/8 of a inch blue line rolls across the four way direction key. the screen is cracked in the right hand corner. The tech at the store has refered me to lockline.

    Yesterday I filed a claim and should get a replacement in a few days. This is my 7th T6 in 18 months.

    What types of replacement phones are being sent out for T6 lately. Are the T650) still being substituted?
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    Sorry I dont have an answer to you question. But, you have broken a phone every 2 and a half months? Could you please tell us what happened to the other 5 T650s. If you have a second to type it up, and you dont mind, I just realy want to know.
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    never had a T650, all proyer phones were T600's.

    I want a T650.
    I did not have any accidents with the other phones, they had the typical beta problems, resets dropped calls, ear and speaker phone issues.

    The firmware when updated caused fatal crash in the past.
    Bob Shipman
    Congressional District Foundation, PA One
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    And you paid lockline each time for the replacements ? Did you know (Assuming you have Sprint) that Sprint would have replaced them for free if they were doing and/all those things listed above ?
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    -print has been great. this only 2nd time using lockline. Store customer service has replaced all others.
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    Oh okay, from how I was reading it, you used lockline each time. But to answer your question, T600's are still being sent out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fl00d_pr0z
    Oh okay, from how I was reading it, you used lockline each time. But to answer your question, T600's are still being sent out.
    I got one of the old Handspring-branded models in TEP replacement for a very recent (w/ surprisingly much better camera!) PalmOne-branded 600 that died. The refurb HS one has blue flickers and a very bad camera, and even looks like it may have the network search problem (early S/N in range of defects, drops to ntwk search on call on 50% battery). Took it back in to show problems at store in 3 days (within 14 days reqm't) for "electrical" problems - tech said crappy camera is normal (thus, not a defect or electrical failure), and network search problem is a Palm defect not covered by Sprint or lock/line. (Same old song...) Lock/line said NO replacement, and take it to arbitration if you don't like it. Local store manager backed their right to do that, said would not help in any way - "between you and lock/line". Lousy business - now its a "spare" phone...
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    I have found that Lock-Line is great for phone-swaps. the trick is to state to them that "you" reached out to Sprint 3 times. This is the magic-number that Lock-Line needs to complete the swap. I am on my soon-to-be fouth model in 2 years. I have had the network search issue as well as the headset / speakerphone issue repeatedly.

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