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    Tube New York is actually quite useful. I am a New Yorker and I use it a bit when I need to go to a specific street in downtown. Basically the old streets below 1st st. are a mess.

    But yeah you can't hide the fact that you are a tourist. You guys all look up while walking.
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    I'm a New Yorker also and use Vindigo and metro all the time. Some type of map program is also a good idea, but you can survive without one.

    The other application I'd recommend is X-man which used to be free, but which seems to be shareware now ($5 w/ unlimited trial). It's on palmgear and the homepage is . The program lets you enter an address on an Avenue and will tell you what the cross streets are. It's not 100% accurate, but it will get you there within a block or two.

    Btw, if you have an address on a cross street, you don't need a program to find the avenue. 5th Avenue is 0. Lower numbers are East addresses. Higher numbers are West addresses. The numbers go up by 100 after each avenue. (eg 5th-6th is W 0-99, 6th-7th is W 100-199).
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    Aside from pizza, you are also required by law to consume at least 1 bagel during your weekend visit to NYC. Tal Bagels has a few stores accross the city, they're pretty good! Any hole in the wall bagel shop will do, though!
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