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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode
    Symbian looks like the winner here with Microsoft 2nd then Palm.

    As a developer I can tell you that Symbian OS is a clear winner and first choice when writing applications. My second choice is generally PalmOS, but Palm's development platform is very dated and the SDKs from an era when we used to write most applications in C. Even Microsoft's .Net Mobile is starting to look more attractive that developing for PalmOS because every release of it lowers the barriers to entry whereas PalmOS is actually throwing up new barriers with its shifting sands API set.
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    I've never done Symbian development b4 (apart from OPL scripting in EPOC) so I'm interested to find out whether its possible to write once and target multiple implementations (Series 60,80,UIQ)? It would seem to be difficult if not possible since each of the implementations is so different. I guess one could reuse the business logic classes but would have to reimplement the front end.

    I saw some demos of MS Whidbey aka VS.Net 2005 and the ASP.NET 2.0 controls are apparently mobile aware. Very little recoding required. Unfortunately mobile dev is no longer free and requires a copy of VS.NET. Lucky for me I have an MSDN subscription
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