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    I will recieve my Verizon 650 tomorrow.

    What will be the best way for me to move some of my apps (such as agendus, splashphoto, splashid) to the new phone? I use Card Backup and have a 512 meg SD card. Computer is a Mac.

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    I don't know about everyone else, but I'd do two things.
    Definately use card backup to back up your Treo 600's memory, and archive it as a last ditch effort if the upgrade fails.
    Then simply follow the Treo 650's instructions for upgrading from the Treo 600 to The Treo 650. If I recall, palm manual tells you how to do this. You'll basically unistall palm desktop, which will leave all of your user data on the PC. Then install the new palm desktop that comes with the Treo 650. Then hotsync it with the 650 and it'll restore your stuff to the 650. Somewhere in there it's supposed to make sure you don't restore apps that aren't compatible with the 650. Also on the support site for the Treo 650 I think there is an FAQ or guide that specifically explains how you should handle your upgrade.
    In there is a link to:
    (which is the guide to upgrading to the Treo 650.)

    I personally did NOT do this. I took this as an oporunity to do a completely clean install. I just looked at the apps on my treo and downloaded the latest versions of all of them, installed them, entered my registration keys, and basically started over.
    I used my card backup program (botzam backup) to restore my blazer bookmarks and my phone favorites, nothing else.
    I manually re-imported my PIM data (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes.)

    When I did my wifes we did the same thing, a clean install. I did need to restore a couple of databases for specific programs she had with a lot of data in them.

    But I'm the type of person that formats and re-installs windows on my PC every 6 months.
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    Do as Taylor says, clean install of everything. Unless you want to send your new Treo hurling into a wall. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I should mention that you can open up palm desktop, and go through your calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts and export the data to a palm desktop file (at least I think you can do that with all 4 of these.)
    Then after your clean install you can import that data back in to palm desktop and subsequently your treo.
    If you're more adventurous, you can restore the adress.pdb, datebk.pdb, contacts.pdb, and todo.pdb files back to the treo 650 and that should do get your info installed.
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
    Treo600->Treo650->Cing8525->Blackberry 8700c->Treo750->AT&T Tilt->Treo750->iPhone 3G
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    Great thread! Lots of one's like it in TC. Here's a good big picture one:
    "Clean Install"

    Here's my similar thread:
    "Best way to transfer apps (& extensions) & files from T600 to T650?"

    Based on discussion so far (also read my thread!), I'll be doing things the old fashioned way! Taylorh, thanks for posting the names of the PIM files. Now I know what to look for. I'll be sending you a PM (it was a question on my original thread).

    +++ Here's my main question: do ya have to turn/activate the T650 (via your wireless carrier) first before resynching/updating apps? P1 suggests this but seems counterproductive. See thoughts here:

    I was looking through this link...,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(14403)

    This surprised me:

    <<"Have you done the very first setup steps? This article assumes you have already:

    +Learned about the new features of the Treo 650 smartphone
    +Charged your smartphone
    +Completed the initial device setup when you first turned it on (set Date & Time, tapped on the targets to calibrate the digitizer, etc.)
    +Made your first phone call to verify service">>

    Apparently P1 says you have to activate your T650 first before you can port data. This is a frustrating as I would like to get everything on the data side before I make any phone calls--and especially before people call me. Are there ways around this scenario?

    Example, when I ported data from a T600 to a T600 awhile back (LockLine replacement) I ported the data first, then did the ESN phone number swap.


    +++For taylorh and the rest of the crowd, I have a related thoughts with regards updating T600 to T650 apps; I'm thinking about another way to do it:

    For those T600 apps that won't synch/read to the T650--like the free version of Pocket Tunes, the SplashID, SplashMoney and Splash Shopper apps, Agendus 7.0 or earlier, and the scores of free and share ware apps/utilities that you have on your T600--purchase, update and synch those apps to your T600 first. Once ya do that, make a copy of your T600 folder apps and rename the folder something like "T650" then do a clean install by re-installing the P1 CD-ROM software and resynching PIM and upgraded application data to the T650 (as mentioned in the previous posts in this thread). In theory, I'm hoping the upgraded apps would be recoginized in the T650 without having to load them one at time, as most people in different threads have strongly recommended. If it's still recommded to do that, I'll do it!

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