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    I hope this doesn't break rules or anything.

    I've been reading articles about new and prospective palms, now I thought do a quick survey on prospective smartphones. The survey is obviously voluntary. Thanks in advance to out to those who answer the quick questions.

    If you own a palm OS Smartphone:

    1) Which would you say is the best palm OS smartphone out there?

    2) Do you prefer flip-top smartphones or the regular style smartphones?

    3) In which order do you rank the importance of the following, in a palm OS smartphone: screen size/resolution, OS version, battery life, built-in-bluetooth, built-in-wifi, phone network (GSM, CDMA, etc.), hidden antenna, built-in-camera, processor, overall body style/design, overall unit size, price.

    4) Keeping in mind the price, resulting size, and overall feasibility, what would be your ideal smartphone. Would it be flip-top, would it have 320x480 screen, would it have built in wireless capabilities, with it have a hidden antenna or camera, etc?

    Now, from that list, what do you think would actually be included in new palm os smartphone? Keep in mind that things like built in wireless, increased processor, etc. would take more power, requiring a bigger battery, increasing the price and unit size and so on...

    If you own any other smartphone or don't own a smartphone:

    1) Why don't you own a palm OS smartphone?

    2) What new/improved feature would get you to buy a palm OS smartphone?
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    1) Treo 650...but the only comparison I have is the 600. I haven't tried any others.

    2) I don't like the flip-phones...too easy to break.

    3) network, size/style, screen, palm OS, battery life, price...I don't use bluetooth or wi-fi, I've had reception problems with internal antennas and I have a nice camera, so the 650 camera is just for fun.

    4) Honestly? Don't know, don't care. If the next Smartphone has improvements that the 650 lacks
    I would buy it because I already love this one...more would just make it better.
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    My 7135 from Kyocera was great, no problems in 2 + years, but it has outlived it usefullness. The 650 is the next step up.
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    1) Why don't you own a palm OS smartphone?

    Nothing on the market satisfied what I was looking for at the time of purchase (bluetooth, tri/quadband/GSM, email, etc.).

    I currently have both a Nokia 9210 (travelling mobile) and a Nokia 6600 (main mobile). I use my iPaq H3870 as my PDA.

    2) What new/improved feature would get you to buy a palm OS smartphone?

    I am waiting for the GSM Treo 650 to be available in UK with network support as it satisfies what I am looking for (feature-wise), and the form factor is more functional than my current set-up.

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