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    I recently brought a Treo 600 unlocked and when I saw that there were a firmware update I did it without thinking... So now my treo is locked
    I need help to unlock it. I search on the web and found that I will nead 2 things that I haven't : the original 1.09 update to use the patched one after it or the CNG 1.11 patched version.
    Please help me !!
    Thanks in advance
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    Just installing a carrier's firmware on an unlocked Treo doesn't lock is. Just as installing the unlocked firmware on a locked phone doesn't unlock it. If that is your only concern then you shouldn't worry. You will get the carrier specific features, though, with their firmware and you will need to use another firmware to remove those.

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    If the Treo was "unlocked" using the firmware patch - instead of an actual unlock code - then installing a new firmware will indeed make the phone locked again (because it wasn't really unlocked in the first place - just tricked into thinking it was).

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