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    I tried doing the PalmOne paysback program and I can not find my Palm One I.D. code. I bought my Treo 650 from their online store. My CD game in a plain white envelope with little sticker with a series of numbers and letters on it. However, this is not the PalmOne I.D. code. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to resolve it?
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    anyone, please?
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    Just a guess, but maybe they want the serial number. It's inside, under the battery.

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    That number on the back of the CD envelope is what you want, but the web form wouldn't take mine either(Phone order from Cingular). I sent an email in, and they had me scan the reciept/invoice, upc, and envelope and email it in and they gave me the credit.
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    Where is Kevin from P1 when we need him. He chimes in once in awhile.
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    Well, I knew someone that had purchased a Zire 71 and their cd sleeve looked way different than mine. On the back, it had the words "Palm One I.D. Code" in big letters followed by the actual code. Phlidwsn, when you say they had you scan the reciept/invoice, are you talking about what came in your email?
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    I had to email PalmOne a scan of the sticker on the box and the CD sleeve before they would credit me with the purchase. I think there's a link for support on the PaysBack page.
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    I bought mine from cingular, not palmone, so I had a little packing slip/invoice that came in the box that I used as the invoice. There's a support email on the paysback page, send an email saying it won't take your ID code, and they'll ask you to scan the info and they'll get you credited manually. And yes, the number on the back of the envelope was a different length/format than my old Tungsten E was, which is probably why the site won't work for it.
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    Thanks everyone for the help!
  10. #10's paysback time, PalmOne...
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    Yeah, I have this problem too. I got a "Promotion" code on the CD--ROM sleeve, not a Palm ID code. Sheesh, I'm gonna have to do what everybody else is doing to get my credit! (scan amd e-mail cd-rom sticker and UPC Code). Call me a cynic, but sometimes I wonder if P1 did this on purpose (providing faulty promotion codes vs. the correct Palm ID codes) to discourage use of the P1 Paybacks program.

    BTW, could you get a Vaja (T66) case with these Palmbucks?

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