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    Just wondering about something that I noticed.

    I got my T600 a few months ago. I had the most current Palm Desktop, 4.1.1 I think it was, and asumed I could just add a new user to that. I tried, and noticed it was missing the Photo's conduit and maybe a couple other things.

    So I installed the desktop that came on the CD in the T600 box. It has everything the T600 needs, but is missing Notes and expenses coduits, which I use for the m515 I have as well.

    Gist: PalmOne doesnt seem to have the proper desktop for Treos available for download. What gives?
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    Treo Desktop is different than the one for Palm M series PDAs. For example, it supports syncing photos (only ones stored ON the Treo, not on the SD card) but not syncing Notes... since the Treo doesn't have that app installed. I don't think Palm One considered the scenario of having an older and a newer device syncing to the same pc. I have not tried putting Notes in the Treo's ROM image yet and then using the conduit and desktop for M Palms, but I suppose that would work. No reason to sync photos as they should be stored on an SD card anyway.
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    I agree. I just wonder what Palm expects people to do. I want to use my m515 for eBooks. I read somewhere that the Treo desktop will install its conduits over the download version....I will try that I guess and report what happens.

    The older install applet that the Treo uses is ugly too :P
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    I've tried this (with the Zire desktop), and my treo crashes on Notes sync.

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