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    Consumer research company in Hollywood/LA area seeks Treo 650 users to participate in an upcoming in person (not online) focus group on personal and mobile technology. Participants will receive $150 for 2 hours of their time to discuss their views and opinions on new and emerging mobile technology. This is a legitimate consumer research study and there are never any sales now or in the future as a result of participating. Interested? Email me by removing the x's at movingtargetresearchxxx at yahooxxx dotxxx comxxx. Thanks.
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    Let us know when you're conducting similar research in the DC metro area.
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    Hope that come to the Jersey area. Not only will that be easy $$, but also interesting. Now I just need to upgrade from the 600 to the 650.
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    Man, LA.... How bout Michigan ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wareynolds
    Man, LA.... How bout Michigan ;-)

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    LA works for me :-)
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    Americans are so shortsighted... You should come to the other side of the "big puddle"...
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    Maybe you guys should come to needs a new Vaja
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